Forming friendships, cross-border referrals and mentoring with Paul Beare

In this episode of the Expertise Unlocked Podcast, host Jennifer Riggins is joined by Digital Partner and Member of The Year Paul Beare.

The conversation starts with the pair highlighting how the network is a melting pot for meaningful connections as well as a hub for relationship building and cross-border referrals. Noting, members are achieving professional growth within a non-competitive environment conducive to collective development.

Paul also shares insights from his extensive experience working across the UK and Auckland, New Zealand, highlighting the nuances and benefits of navigating the two different business landscapes. Finally, Paul mentions his passion for the development and mentoring program he and the network have set up for Rising Stars.

Where members can ask for a 30-minute session bespoke to their needs, helping develop and enhance emerging talents within the network. Paul’s dedication to giving back to the network after his Member of The Year is admirable, and we are very excited about the results of the programme as we strongly believe, along with Paul, that actively participating in mentorship initiatives will contribute to the ongoing success of the IR Global network.

To get in touch with Paul, contact him via his website or directly at [email protected].

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