The Visionaries – Family foundations


Polish regulations are considered some of the most challenging. Swift adaptation to these dynamically changing regulations is inherently complex and, as a result, costly. Polish regulations impose numerous obligations on taxpayers, threatening substantial penalties for non-compliance. For instance, in the case of the annual information on transactions with related entities, failure to submit this form may trigger a fine of up to EUR 8 million.

For these reasons, Polish investors are actively seeking long-term solutions to secure their wealth, while staying within the confines of available legal and tax solutions. In recent years, there have been notable advancements in income tax regulations, introducing various measures designed to promote investment. One such solution is the family foundation. It is a novelty in our country.

Countries like Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, Malta, and Monaco already permit taxpayers to establish family foundations. Both in Poland and in foreign legal regimes, the primary purpose of a private foundation is typically not to engage in business but rather to focus on the safekeeping of assets, wealth management and providing benefits – whether in kind or in cash – to the designated beneficiaries.

ABC of the Polish Family Foundation

A family foundation is an interesting solution for managing private wealth and succession planning, allowing tax-free wealth management and freely structured inheritance.

General goals

The family foundation serves the purpose of accumulating property, managing it in the best interests of the beneficiaries, and ensuring the fulfilment of benefits.

The key advantages of a family foundation for the founder include securing the financial well-being of family members, separating business and family affairs, consolidating and safeguarding assets, facilitating effective management and growth of assets, and enabling strategic succession planning over multiple generations.

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