Expanding in or via the Netherlands

The gateway to the EU

Before going into detail about “how”, let’s first have a look at “why” it is attractive to do business in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has a century-long history of international trading and business, which has resulted in a very open economy. The country itself has a wealthy and highly-educated population, which is more often than not multi-lingual, as well.

Key to the international role in trade and business is its geographical location in North-Western Europe and its strong transport infrastructure. This includes the large seaport of Rotterdam and Schiphol Amsterdam airport. However, the Dutch have also adapted to more recent developments, and IT companies value the Netherlands for its digital infrastructure, offering almost 100% coverage of fast broadband. The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) offers worldwide internet connectivity.

The stable political system, modern, business-friendly legislation and fiscal system are further reasons why it is favourable to do business and invest in the Netherlands.