Even faster establishment of companies in the Czech Republic – you can have a company in a day


From January 15, 2023, following the amendment of the Trade Act and the Act on Public Registers, it is possible to register legal entities-entrepreneurs in the commercial register without a trade permit.

The amendment of these laws was a consequence of the obligation to transpose the Digitalization Directive . However, the government also used this option to simplify the process of establishing companies when drafting the law. The amendment thus removed the condition of prior obtaining a trade license for the purposes of establishing a company by entering it into the commercial register (if the founding legal proceedings, e.g. the articles of association or articles of association included as a subject of activity a business that can only be carried out on the basis of a trade license).

Companies will thus be able to do business earlier, but it is still valid that they can do business in a commercial way only after obtaining a commercial permit.

In practice, this change means that if the founder of the company has prepared all the necessary documents (such as consent to the location of the headquarters, or the sworn statement of the executive and consent to registration in the commercial register, etc.), it will now be possible to establish a simple company within a single day and if certain conditions are met even without visiting a notary office (more on the topic in our article Zalogení sro online – in Germany, the reality, what is the practice in the Czech Republic? ).