Energy list 2024 established

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has established the Energy List 2024. This list contains the assets that are eligible for the energy investment deduction (EIA) if invested in 2024. In 2024, the list will no longer contain assets for which the payback period is significantly shorter than five years. Companies and institutions are obliged to implement all energy-saving measures with a payback period of five years or less. These mandatory measures are no longer subsidized through the EIA.

As of 2024, solar panels for electricity generation with a small-scale consumer connection will only be eligible for the EIA if the maximum power does not exceed 55 kW.

For entrepreneurs who achieve the highest achievable energy performance improvement according to the renovation standard for their commercial building (A++ or A+++), the maximum investment amount that is eligible for EIA has been increased.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate | decision | no. WJZ/ 43351823, stcrt. 2023-34947 | 28-12-2023