Earth Day 2024: IR Global’s Support of Treesistance

Monday of this week marked Earth Day, a global event advocating for environmental protection and sustainability.

In alignment with this mission, IR Global proudly supports Treesistance, which champions the protection of the Amazon Rainforest through forest crime prevention. The Amazon Rainforest is an integral part of the Earth’s ecosystem.

The Treesistance movement addresses human rights violations and illegal actions, safeguarding vital ecosystems. At its core are dedicated ‘Forest Guardian’ groups, comprised of indigenous peoples, educators, and students. These groups undergo rigorous training provided by Chief Dadá and his team from the Maró Indigenous Territory, equipping them with technical skills and conflict resolution techniques necessary for patrolling and protecting the rainforest.

Six IR Global member firms sponsor Forest Guardian units, spanning different territories within the Amazon. This sponsorship is pivotal in enabling the formation and sustenance of these groups, empowering local communities to take a proactive stance in safeguarding the environment. A special thank you to Moore Barlow, Schwarz Law Partners LLP, Koffels Solicitors & Barristers, Synergy Business Lawyers, Nordeq and Illume Investigations.

Treesistance supports rainforest conservation via three strategic pillars: 

  1. Demarcating Lands / Land Rights

Depending on the situation and land rights status of the community, protection may involve demarcating land and making necessary land right claims through the courts. When a land claim is processed in court, it automatically freezes the land, making it illegal for any extractive industry to continue deforestation. This step, while lengthy, is crucial in proving the illegality of deforestation and protecting indigenous territories.

  1. Formation of Indigenous Forest Guardians

Each Forest Guardian group consists of diverse members, ranging from chiefs to teachers to students. They undergo comprehensive training facilitated by Chief Dadá and his team, focusing on technical equipment usage, de-escalation techniques, and safety protocols. Emphasising protection through prevention, these groups outnumber encroachers and utilise GPS cameras to gather evidence of illegal activities, ensuring effective deterrence against deforestation.

  1. Access to Justice – Relationship Development with Public Prosecutors and Federal Police

Collaboration with public prosecutors, federal police, and legal collectives ensures that documented illegal activities are met with swift and appropriate responses. From federal police intervention to legal actions against perpetrators, this strategic approach holds individuals and corporations accountable for their actions, serving as a deterrent against future deforestation.

IR Global’s support of Treesistance exemplifies a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Through financial support, direct contributions, and sponsorship initiatives, the network empowers indigenous communities and strengthens their capacity to protect vital ecosystems.

If you’d like to donate, you can do so here. All donations go directly to the maintenance of Forest Guardian groups.

Please contact [email protected] for further information regarding this initiative or visit

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