Does YouTube really work?

The importance of video marketing and how it can benefit your business and website,

Video Marketing has a long and rich history. Many believe that a short film created by, now Comedy writers, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, in 1995 is where video marketing as we know it today began. Even if the short was where viral videos were born, video marketing has come a long way since then and is a constantly changing industry. Google has estimated that there are now over 122 billion videos on YouTube so to call the market competitive would be an understatement.

We explore whether marketing on YouTube really works and how an effective video marketing strategy could potentially benefit your business for the long term:

A new era of video marketing – “Me at the zoo” is the first video that was uploaded to YouTube, on April 23, 2005 and its exactly what you think – someone uploaded a video of themself visiting a zoo! Not exactly the most thrilling viewing but it gives some context as to how something so small can grow into the second most popular social network in the world. If one video of a man at a zoo can start the growth of a huge, international, video sharing platform then its easy to imagine what doors video marketing can open for your business in the ‘digital era’.

Why video? – Video marketing is unique to any other style of marketing in the sense that it allows you to truly connect with your customers/ clients virtually. It creates a more personal feel to your marketing and gives your clients the opportunity to get to know you, without having actually met you. It’s important, however, to get this right. Posting a video for the sake of posting a video, to put it simply, is a waste of time – you need to ensure that your video is engaging and something your prospective clients will want to watch, after all, there are over 122 billion other videos to compete with.

How will video help my website? – Videos don’t just help you engage better with your prospective clients but they actually help your website too. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something marketeers are talking about constantly and its because its so important to marketing success now. Video helps as search engines can see different styles of content in different places, being engaged with which can in turn, positively impact your website ranking on Google and other search engines. The key is to ensure you have YouTube linked in to the back end of your website – if you don’t know how, call on the help of a Marketing Professional.

Do I need written content? – Video content is fantastic for your audience as they can get a virtual insight into your company and your people, however, Google doesn’t watch videos with the same context as people and needs a little help understanding what your video content is all about. Ensuring you have ample written content, explaining the meaning of the video, or a transcript of what is discussed will help Google to understand and therefore get your content in front of more people. Be sure to share this on your social media platforms and your website too as it all helps build up the trust of your brand from an SEO perspective.

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