Meet Our Digital Partners

Our valued digital partners actively support IR Global by frequently attending our conferences and dedicating time to collaborating with members both nationally and internationally. They are prominently featured across all our platforms, leveraging our PR strategy to engage with a global audience. 

Learn more about each of them below:

Paul Beare – Exclusive Advisor for Company Formations in England

Paul has been an IR Global member since 2013 and has provided much value to the overall network, even winning our revered ‘Member of the Year’ award in 2023. He is also a committee member for our Corporate Services group and Ethics Committee.

He developed his experience in international accountancy services working for his father’s business. Having started and grown his own firm in London and the surrounding area, he has since expanded to Australia and New Zealand, where he now resides.

Michael Einbinder – Exclusive Advisor for Company Formations and Franchise & Distribution Law in New York

An active member since 2017, Michael brings more than 30 years of experience to the IR Global network.

He represents clients in complex commercial matters in state and federal courts and in arbitrations and mediations nationwide. Furthermore, he has significant experience representing franchisor and franchisee clients in all categories of disputes including: trademark infringement claims; termination issues; enforcement of non-competition agreements; breach of contract; and fraud claims.

Thomas Paoletti – Exclusive Advisor for Corporate Law in the United Arab Emirates

Thomas is a familiar face at our conferences, having been a member since 2016. He often engages with other members both at our events and as a committee member for our MENA group.

He has acquired specific expertise in the Gulf States, assisting companies with overseas investment and internationalisation in the Middle East. Thomas’s firm offers legal support throughout the planning stage and specialist assistance in establishing and running overseas businesses.

Kyle Broadhurst – Exclusive Advisor for Insolvency in the Cayman Islands

Kyle has been an IR Global member since 2017, practicing law in the Cayman Islands since 2001. His experience encapsulates insolvency, bankruptcy, fraud, judgement, enforcement, trust and complex commercial disputes, making him a valuable committee member for our Insolvency group.

He is accustomed to tackling challenging areas of the law. This is reflected in him appearing in nearly fifty reported decisions. He is regularly instructed in high-value matters with multi-jurisdictional elements.

Torben Welch – Exclusive Advisor for Banking & Finance and Real Estate in Utah 

Licensed in multiple states including Colorado, New York and Utah, Torben has been an IR Global member since 2019. He is head of the Messner Reeves Utah office.

Torben has built his legal expertise by aiding in the resolution of complex business and commercial transactions. His industry experience includes banking and financial institutions, corporations and businesses. He also has a side interest in representing professional sports franchises.

Adrienne Braumiller – Exclusive Advisor for Trade & Customs Law in Texas 

Founder of Braumiller Law Group PLLC and an IR Global member since 2018, Adrienne is an innovative force in the international trade law arena.

She has been involved in every aspect of import and export compliance for more than 25 years. Her experience means that she is widely recognised as a leading authority in customs, import, export, Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) and free trade agreements, as well as ITAR compliance.

Brad Menard – Exclusive Advisor for Trade & Customs Law in Texas 

As President of Braumiller Law’s counterpart, Braumiller Consulting Group, LLC, Brad brings over 18 years of trade compliance experience.

Brad’s expertise lies in Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ), administration and broker management. He is also knowledgeable in various import and export related topics, dealing with US Fish and Wildlife (FWS) and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which is of great value to the firm’s clients.

Thomas Curran – Exclusive Advisor for Commercial Litigation and Insolvency in Massachusetts , Debt & Asset Recovery in Texas and Insolvency in Connecticut

With over three decades of experience, Thomas Curran specialises in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings. He has been an IR Global member since 2021.

Thomas is renowned for his expertise in cross-border insolvencies, often working with private equity firms, governmental agencies, and estate representatives, focusing on U.S/Western Europe jurisdictions.

Nevin Sanli – Exclusive Advisor for Forensic Accounting in California

An IR Global member since 2019, Nevin Sanli has extensive experience in testifying in trials and mediation, preparing board presentations and advising on acquisitions.

He is President and Founder of Sanli Pastore & Hill, Inc., and oversees all aspects of the firm, from client engagements to strategic planning. With over 30 years of experience, he specialises in financial consulting, expert testimony, forensic accounting, valuations, and transaction advisory services.

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