Cyber Market Pulse with eosedge Legal: Become Cyber Ready in 2022

With a new year, there is the common practice of predicting what is in store for 2022.  In this Cyber Market Pulse blurb, we take stock of how bad cyberattacks were in 2021.  Also in December, IR Global and eosedge Legal hosted a webinar that outlined three simple steps to become Cyber Ready. Our Call to Action for 2022 is to identify and manage your cyber risks early.  Here is a link to that brief, 30-minute webinar.

Major Cyberattacks in 2021

SolarWinds:  The supply chain of massive quantities of businesses were potentially affected from SolarWinds software used by Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, and many security vendors.  For publicly traded companies, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has begun seeking corporate disclosures of incidents dating back to 2019 for entities using the affected SolarWinds software.   

Colonial Pipeline:  Physical disruption occurred in the US when IT systems were impacted by ransomware.

Log4j:  This java script vulnerability is used ubiquitously in webpages, cloud services and email platforms.  Discovered only in December 2021, exploitation attacks are projected to accelerate in 2022! 

LinkedIn, Facebook, T-Mobile and many other serious data breaches were reported in 2021.  Once again, attacks were up in 2021 from 2020.  Costs to businesses from data breaches are also up.  Businesses should prepare early in 2022, and not wait to fall victim to an attack.  OnCall Cyber offers an Incident Response Plan and other measures as a subscription service. 

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