Companies Claiming “Carbon Neutral” Status While Using Carbon Offsets Seeing Rise in Lawsuits

You hear about it a lot these days. Global warming. Climate change. We are turning up the heat on the planet. If we do not address and take steps to resolve the problem, future generations will suffer greatly. The response has been a massive effort worldwide to reduce the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

Companies are given a carbon emissions score known as a footprint and are required or encouraged to work toward reducing it. Being ‘carbon neutral’ is a status that companies like to be able to assert. It is good for business to be green, and companies are quick to leverage their compliance.

As officially recognized, carbon neutral status is a numbers game. You achieve the numbers, and you get the status. But recent lawsuits allege that companies are misleading the public into thinking the they have reduced their own carbon emissions when that may not be the case.

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