Come to Curaçao – investment advice for high net worth individuals up to international corporations

InfoCapital is a multidisciplinary professional service provider offering a wide range of corporate advisory services and investment solutions, with a clientele ranging from corporate to small business owners and from multinationals to both institutional and private clients.

To facilitate the number of high-net-worth (HNW) investors who wish to reside in Curaçao for a period of more than six months per year, the Government of Curaçao offers the Individual Investors Permit. The goal of the Investors Permit program is to facilitate the investment in Curaçao (among others, purchase of real property or making a business investment) by HNW foreigners, thus contributing to the country’s economy.

Resident investor permits are issued for one or more years, depending on the amount of the investment. Subsequent permits will be issued for similar periods if the requirements for the residence permit are met. Investors can qualify for a 3-year, 5-year or indefinite residence permit with an investment of US$281,000, US$420,000 or US$838,000 respectively.

International tax and estate planning

Optimizing the benefits of international tax and estate planning through versatile and compliant structures with Curaçao as base jurisdiction, InfoCapital offers a unique blend of investment opportunities to its clients and interested investors. As part of InfoCapital’s global service offering we provide investment residency and investment promotion services, that include exchange listing services on the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX) as well as capital (debt & equity) raising. As a low-barrier internationally recognized market, DCSX offers interesting possibilities to investors looking to raise funds via a regulated capital market, arranging a private placement or issuing an IPO.

To accommodate a wide range of private clients and corporate service requests, InfoCapital specializes in the advisory and management of company formations and various legal structures including the private foundation (SPF), the Curaçao Investment Company (CIC) and the Segregated Trust Cell Company (STC), as well as e-gaming companies and related solutions.

Real estate, fintech and the film industry

We assist investors in identifying interesting and diverse investment opportunities in attractive real estate investment and development, Fintech solutions, CBD farming and manufacturing, commodities trading, e-gaming, renewable energy, and the up-and-coming Curaçao film industry. InfoCapital also offers unique investment opportunities in sustainable growth development projects like renewable energy sources for both domestic use and export. The technology applied for some of these projects offer opportunities for direct use and conversion to valuable products like food, fuels, chemicals, and water. These renewable fuels and chemicals present a synthetic replacement for petrochemicals and can be used in the food & beverage industry, creating interesting cross sector synergies.

InfoCapital has become a trusted and preferred partner for international investors. The keystone of our success in providing such services is our trusted professional local and international network. As an IR Global member, InfoCapital is well positioned to assist clients across the globe.

Recognizing the challenges that investors face to conduct their banking activities and international transactions, InfoCapital has canvassed the banking services landscape and established strong banking relationships with various banks and electronic money institutions to facilitate corporate account openings and payment solutions to its clients. Our advice is geared towards the best suitable solution depending on the client’s requirements and location. We assist with corporate documentation, due diligence, and liaise with our banking solutions network for processing our clients’ request.

CX Pay – the bespoke e-payment services platform

The company provides e-payment services under a private label, CX Pay, and has built significant expertise and experience in payments solutions, advising financial institutions, corporate and private clients on payments and transactional structures. InfoCapital offers advise specific to e-payments and e-commerce platforms, loyalty solutions, as well as various payment methods including card payments, e-wallets and various LPMs (local payment methods). Some of our partner solutions offer an e-commerce ecosystem that includes different payment methods to accommodate customers across the globe.

In collaboration with partner companies, we offer innovative integrated digital payment systems that allow users to accept digital currency as a form of payment. Our solutions offer more flexibility for sending and receiving payments for business and personal use, and ability to accept global currencies including widely held crypto currencies as payment methods.

Through its network of payment partners, InfoCapital can provide businesses with the ability to manage their funds by sending and receiving payments online, allowing businesses to minimize costs and removing friction and fees charged by intermediaries.

InfoCapital’s first-hand dealings with e-payments and correspondent banking related matters have made it an experienced and trusted partner in payment services for merchants, banks, and private clients. Furthermore, as a NetSys Local Representative, InfoCapital is authorized to offer technology solutions, including VISA B2B Connect to identified financial institutions in the LAC Region.