Cloud Hosting Costs: What Law Firms Need to Know

Learn everything you need to know about cloud hosting costs and how to set your law firm up for success!

From individuals to big businesses, it’s no longer a novelty to be “in the cloud.” In fact, according to a 2022 Google Cloud report, 76% of people reported using the public cloud. 

For technology leaders, cloud usage is even higher, with another 2022 Google Cloud report noting that 93% of technology leaders said they are “mostly cloud” in some form, while the number of respondents who said they were “mostly on-premises” dropped to just 7%. 

And, it appears that this cloud computing revolution can positively impact organizational performance. According to a Google Cloud report, IT leaders and practitioners who use cloud computing are more likely to exceed organizational performance goals by 14% over peers who do not.

For law firms, moving from working with data stored in physical on-premise servers—which can be expensive to acquire and require significant work to maintain—to cloud-based hosting options can offer numerous benefits. From increased scalability to the flexibility to access the cloud remotely, switching to the cloud can give law firms a competitive edge.