Day Ketterer, a historic Canton law firm, announced in September 2019 that it would be closing its doors. NWMM, LLP Managing Partner Chris Niekamp is serving as Liquidation Agent.

Day Ketterer was founded in Canton in 1872, where it has long been a cornerstone of the downtown area. Founding Member William Day practised law with Future President William McKinley and was later appointed to the US Supreme Court under President Theodore Roosevelt. As of July 2019, it was listed as the 20th largest law firm in Northeast Ohio by Crain’s Cleveland.

Liquidation is the process by which a company ceases to operate. In a voluntary liquidation, there are several stages beginning with a resolution to dissolve followed by the winding-up process, when the assets and property of the company are distributed. The Liquidating Agent, or Liquidator, is responsible for collecting the assets and settling any outstanding claims against the company, as well as submitting final accounts and Notice to the court.

Liquidating a company, especially one with as much history as Day Ketterer, can be a complex process. It is essential that each stage of the process is handled correctly to ensure that accounts, claims, and filings are completed according to legal requirements. If you have questions about closing your company, please contact our experienced attorneys.