Cherry Bridges participates in IR Global Virtual Series: Freezing Assets – The mechanics behind cross-border injunctions


Freezing Assets

IR Global’s exclusive Commercial Litigation member in the Cayman Islands, Cherry Bridges of Ritch & Conolly, recently participated in one of IR Global’s Virtual Round Table Series Publications entitled ‘Freezing Assets – The mechanics behind cross-border injunctions’.

This feature examined the injunction process from the perspective of 10 legal experts in the area of commercial dispute resolution. They detailed the process of their jurisdiction, looking at the injunctions available and the tools used to aid the discovery of assets.

We include expert examination from Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, USA, United Kingdom, Cayman Islands, Turkey, Spain, Turks & Caicos Islands and the Dominican Republic. Readers with an interest in a particular jurisdiction can dip into the content for the specifics
they require.

To view the full publication, please click here.