CGM News – April 2018



New Regulation to Foster Innovation and Technology in Brazil

While in the US the private sector represents the largest share of investments in R&D, Brazil still has most of its research funded by the government. Despite the advances in scientific research, Brazil lacks synergy among private and public sectors in this area.
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Regulatory Law


Anticorruption enforcement in Brazil: getting closer to a “complete” leniency agreement

In a landmark decision issued on March 15 by the Federal Court of Accounts (the TCU), Brazil got close to reach the first precedent in which a leniency agreement in a corruption investigation was signed off by every Government agency that claims competence over this matter.
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Tax Law


Recent Developments on “Digital Services” Taxation

Until recently, streaming and other Internet-related activities were not regulated from a tax perspective. As usual in Brazil, “new” activities are subject to “fiscal wars” – disputes on which Federal entity (States or Municipalities) will be entitled to tax them.
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Life Sciences


Medical Uber

The Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) published on February 28, 2018 Resolution No. 2,178/2017, which regulates the operation of Internet applications (apps) that offer doctor appointments at home.
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Corporate Law


Remote Voting

We are arriving at that time of the year when most companies are preparing to have their annual ordinary shareholders’ meeting in order to (i) receive the accounts rendered by the companies officers and to examine, discuss and vote on the financial statements, (ii) decide on the destination of net profits of the fiscal year and on the distribution of dividends, and (iii) elect the officers, directors, and the members of the statutory audit committee, if it is the case.
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