California city declares state of emergency after ransomware attack

Cyberattacks continue across all sectors, such as Healthcare, Academia, Financial, etc. But increasingly we are also seeing attacks on critical infrastructure and public institutions of government.

Entire communities have suffered lost access to critical services. As this story reveals, Oakley, a city around the Bay Area in California, experienced a large ransomware attack and declared a state or emergency so as to access state and regional resources to support the incident response and recovery. Private companies lack the ability to declare a state of emergency, and accordingly, cyber preparedness is essential. An essential capability is to have a pre-arranged cyber crisis team. Such a capability establishes prepaid cyberlaw, incident response, and other services (e.g. cyber insurance).

As a partner of IR Global, eosedge Legal and founder Doug DePeppe, arranges such cyber crisis team support through the OnCall Cyber team that Doug conceived and supports.