BELGIUM: Jobs Deal. The law has just been published.

Who has not heard about the “Jobs Deal” labor reform in recent months? 

The law of 3 October 2022 containing various provisions relating to employment has just been published in the Belgian State Gazette of 10 November. This law aims at implementing the measures adopted in the framework of the Jobs Deal.

The purpose of this Jobs Deal? To introduce more flexibility in companies, a better work-life balance and, thus, decrease the rate of unemployment.

Among these measures, we can mention the following

  • the possibility of introducing a four-day week;
  • the possibility of introducing an alternating working week (over a two-week period);
  • more flexibility regarding night work in e-commerce;
  • a right for the employees to disconnect in companies with at least 20 employees;
  • the implementation of collective training plans (in companies with at least 20 employees) and the granting of individual training days (for any employer with at least 10 employees);
  • in the event of dismissal, the introduction of a transition path (which provides for the possibility for an employee serving his/her notice period to go and work – during this period – with a new employer, at the expense of the employer he/she is leaving…) as well as new training measures in addition to the provisions already applicable to outplacement.

As an employer, you will have to deal with these new measures.  You will even have to ensure that some of them are in place within your company by 1 January 2023. This is particularly true concerning the right to disconnect.

So do not hesitate to call upon us if you want to know more!

Frédérique GILLET