10 Reasons To Become A Rising Star

Boutique and mid-sized firms often grapple with the challenge of retaining top talent while competing with larger international counterparts in providing personal & career development opportunities.

To combat this, IR Global’s Rising Stars programme allows employees in your firm the opportunity to get involved in cross border work, learn more about doing business in other jurisdictions, and start growing their own network.

The programme is specially designed to help our member firms shine a spotlight on their outstanding individuals, creating the next generation of leaders in the global professional services community.

We’ve listed ten reasons to become an IR Global Rising Star below:

1. Networking and Collaboration

Rising Stars have the opportunity to start developing their own international network. They work with their own Client Manager, developing skills on how they can utilise the group, and gain access to exclusive member areas, working groups and member materials to be able to refer work out.

2. Career Development Through Mentorship and Secondment

To contribute to Rising Stars’ professional advancement, IR Global has created a mentorship programme providing them with a unique opportunity to be mentored by a prominent IR Global leader. Furthermore, our Rising Stars secondment programme provides the opportunity for the next generation of your firm to get involved in cross border work and learn about doing business in other countries.

3. Recognition and Prestige

Being part of the IR Rising Stars programme provides recognition to the individual. Membership to a global network serves as a testament to their talent and potential, enhancing credibility and opening doors to new opportunities.

4. Increase Network Presence and Activity

A Rising Star can also support your firm’s main membership, sharing network responsibilities from event attendance to communication with other IR members. This helps to increase your firm’s networking activity, reach, and presence within the group. It also provides continuity for the future of the firm if you need to step aside for any reason.

5. Promotional Opportunities

Your Rising Star will have access to their own news feed, with the opportunity to promote their news, articles and updates across our platforms including the Rising Stars LinkedIn page. They will also receive their own IR Global profile page and logo.

6. Learning from Experts

Rising Stars have the privilege of learning from seasoned experts within the IR Global network, as well as speakers at our events. Whether it’s through mentorship, collaborative projects, or attending events, they gain insights and expertise that accelerate their professional development and expand their knowledge base.

7. Cultural Understanding

Working alongside existing IR Global members from various cultural backgrounds, Rising Stars can gain insights into different business practices, communication styles, and cultural nuances, enhancing their ability to thrive in multicultural environments.

8. International Opportunities

The programme exposes Rising Stars to international opportunities akin to those available in larger professional services firms. This exposure not only broadens their skill set but also positions them as candidates for diverse roles and cross-border projects.

9. Exclusive Benefits

Rising Stars enjoy exclusive benefits, including a 15% discount on tickets to our annual conference, where they will be given access to specialised resources and working groups to support their development. These perks not only enhance their professional development but also underscore the value of being part of the IR Global network.

10. Career Investment

The skills, experiences, and connections gained through this initiative lay a solid foundation for long-term success and serve as a catalyst for achieving ambitious career goals. Rising Stars are invited to their own exclusive virtual sessions to develop their networking and interpersonal skills, collaborating with fellow Rising Stars from around the world.

From global exposure to personalised mentorship and exclusive benefits, the Rising Stars initiative equips budding professionals with the tools and opportunities needed to shine brightly in their careers.

For more information about joining our Rising Stars community, please contact [email protected] 

Please note: Participation is open to non-stakeholders, typically at a lower management / associate level, with an annual cost of £600.00 per individual, per year.