Are you ready to make Equal Pay happen now?

Who is talking about Equal Pay?

Nationally, the Presidential candidates at the Democratic debate spoke about the importance of equal pay.

Internationally, the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team used their voices and their global platform as Gold Medal winners to talk about equal pay and the wage discrimination they combat inside and outside the sports arena.

But what are WE going to DO about making equal pay happen NOW?

The first step is to join the League of Women Voters of Illinois for our 2019 Annual Luncheon, Rhetoric vs. Reality: Why the Time is NOW for Equal Pay on Tuesday, August 6 at Noon at the Metropolitan Club of Chicago.

At the event, you will hear from our featured speaker, Laurel Bellows, the former President of the nearly 400,000 member American Bar Association , past president of The Chicago Bar Association, current board member of the International Women’s Forum Chicago and
member of the Minister Gordon Brown’s Global Citizenship Commission to update the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Bellows has long advocated for the end of wage discrimination and she still remains passionate. She is excited to partner with the League to
help harness our grassroots advocacy to work for equal pay NOW!

Get your ticket TODAY and help us get equal pay for ALL women.

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With hopes to see you on August 6th