Are you getting the maximum out of your IR Global membership?

It’s important that our members get the maximum benefit that they can from the network. From additional resources and networking events to referrals; your membership is here to help you address the opportunities available to you and allow you to compete with larger, multinational firms. 

We’ve learned a lot over the years of working closely with our members and have created a dedicated platform for you to manage your membership. This gives you the ability to access and publish news from any chosen practice area or sector, access marketing and branding materials for use on your own website, inform us of any inbound or outbound referrals, and so much more.

The abundance of resources can be overwhelming at first, especially when you’re already busy. That’s where your client manager comes in. Our Client Manager team provide IR Global members with additional support and guidance, helping you put a successful strategy in place and arranging quarterly calls to ensure you’re always up-to-date. They can also facilitate meetings with other members, and identify which sectors and jurisdictions are most relevant to you.

Ultimately though, the member area is the best way to manage your membership on your terms at any time from anywhere in the world. So, let’s dive deeper into its features:


The referrals section of the members area lets you upload and inform us of any inbound or outbound referrals you have sent or received. These will be highlighted in our quarterly activity report which is sent out to all members, displaying you as an active and prominent member of the network. This will also encourage members to reach out and connect with you, increasing your referral avenues even more.

Resources Area

This is a dedicated space containing all practice group member lists, important referral protocols we recommend all our members follow, as well as useful marketing materials and branding for use on your own website to show your affiliation to IR Global.

Travel Calendar

Among our most unique and useful tools is our travel calendar. Here you can submit your travel dates and notify local members in that location of your availability to meet. Our interactive calendar keeps you up to date on members travel, IR Global face-face and virtual events, regional / national meetings and partner led webinars. This is the place for members to ‘meet’ each other, make connections and to drive referral activity. It also encourages member engagement outside of IR Global events.


Your IR Global news feed is one of the most important parts of your membership. Not only can you filter the news you receive by practice area or sector, you can also upload as much of your own news as you want to. Increasing your overall activity in the group will add to your visibility to other members. This again feeds into referral activity as it increases the likelihood of you gaining referrals and connection requests from other members

Deal Teasers

Developed in collaboration with the IR Global M&A steering committee, members can submit deal opportunities via the members area. Upon submitting, the opportunity is saved and included on a deal related newsletter and shared globally. Those that receive the deals are active members in the deal-making arena and have requested to opt in to these updates. This activity will give you a greater chance of selling or acquiring a business for your clients.

Need help navigating the member area? Check out our how-to videos for a visual guide to each section:

As you can see, the members area is a great tool to utilise in order to maximise the benefits of being an IR Global member. If you’re not implementing some of this already, it’s never too late to start! 

Should you have any further questions, then please visit our meet the team page and reach out to your Client Manager today –