6 Recommendations To Run a Better ASC and Achieve a Successful Sale


Preparing an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) for a sale is a worthwhile process for center owners regardless of whether they intend to sell their facility in the near future. The process examines an ASC from a potential buyer’s perspective, generating tremendous insights into where an ASC is thriving (what a buyer would find attractive) and where it needs improvement (what a buyer would find troublesome). With this information, owners can undertake initiatives that would further strengthen the ASC’s infrastructure and operations, likely leading to financial improvements and increased competitiveness while putting the center in a stronger position for an eventual sale.

The following are six key recommendations for how ASC owners can run a more successful center — recommendations that will also set owners up for a successful sale.

1. Think about growth from the start

When opening a new ASC, owners are typically hyper-focused on getting to the finish line so they can open the doors and start performing procedures. But at least some energy and resources should go toward building a strong business foundation. Doing so will not only help an ASC succeed, but it will become more attractive for investors.

Among the key steps owners should take early in the ASC’s development include assembling business and supply teams with healthcare and preferably ASC experience who can keep owners current on performance, trends, and developments. Owners should ensure they or their administration carefully research software choices and revenue cycle management (RCM) service partners if they intend to outsource some or all of RCM. Also, prioritize ensuring processes are not duplicated and automation is fully leveraged wherever possible.

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