5 Reasons Your Firm Needs to Utilise Social Media

You might not think social media is the right fit for your firm. You might think your firm’s area of practice might struggle to fit in with the bright, colourful world of social media, however you may be wrong.

Below are 5 reasons why we believe your firm should embrace social media, and how it can help you as a business in the digital age.

Useful Resources and Thought Leadership

Why not use social media to shout about your skills and specialisms? Social networking sites enable you to communicate your expertise to a broad and receptive audience, targeted in a way that suits your business objectives.

We’ve seen a range of firms put together resource folders, or ‘tool kits’ for their clients and prospective clients on social media. Useful infographics provide users with bitesize pieces of information that could lead to an enquiry, ultimately winning you business.

You may also choose to talk about your personal experiences in an area of legal practice, which could develop into a much wider conversation online and help boost your perspective.


Ultimately, social media today is used as another form of digital marketing for the promotion of products and services. Social media enables your brand to be innovative, and repurpose what might ordinarily be a dry and boring piece of content into something fun and interactive.

We’ve seen examples of lawyers posting creative videos discussing elements of law in informal, fun and creative ways that speak to the masses. Firms also put together animations, creative graphics or even podcasts – there’s no limit to what you can do to push yourself out there.

Customer Service

Not only do brands use social media for promotion, but it’s also utilised as a community platform, where team members can engage, have conversations, receive feedback and build new ideas with their client base.

The community itself can also be used to learn new things. There are so many incredible professional networking groups on social media, providing insight and knowledge on the latest trending topics, or just generally keeping up to date on legal news.

Showing who you are

The original concept behind social media was to build an online network of friends or connections, so users could see what people were doing in different parts of the world. Although it’s evolved a lot since then, we find the most engaging posts are still the most natural, real images of people, so it’s a great opportunity to show team members going out for drinks, attending conferences, or celebrating a new win or client.

We recommend to all of our social clients that they should occasionally post photos of themselves because ultimately, people like to see people!

It attracts new business

Social media has the potential to put you in front of every single user of social media, especially the ones you want to target. According to a recent study by SmartInsights, as of 2022, that checks out at 4.62 billion people! Another study completed by ABA in 2018 found that 35% of professionals who used social media channels gained more clients than those who did not.

Take home

If you’re not sure where to start, IR Global may be able to help. In 2014, we launched IR Social Media Management as a key service of IR Digital.

We recognised that social media is one of the most important marketing channels for advisors, and after investing significant time and resources into developing what has proven to be an incredibly successful strategy, we decided to look beyond our own needs and focus on our members.

For a monthly fee, our team can manage your platforms to ensure your content reaches your target audience. This enables you to grow your following, stay ahead of your competitors and deliver your content to the global business community.

If you’d like to find out more, then email Rachel at [email protected]