IR Global Alumni

IR Global has a strong community of like-minded individuals who not only collaborate professionally but personally. There is no reason why you should leave the network when you enter retirement, which is why we have created IR Alumni so you can stay in touch with IR Global, our team, and your friends.

IR Global Alumni supports our most loyal members to continue their relationships and involvement with the IR Global network. Once you decide to wind back and reach the end of your career, we would like to invite you to stay involved and continue to be a part of our success, become a mentor to our Rising Stars and facilitate future introductions to members who could potentially work closely with your friends, clients, and anyone in your network.

Our Alumni:

Grant Sefton

Christophe El Gammal

Business Consultant

Robert Freitas

Benoît Duvieusart

Michael M. Moran

Benefits of Becoming IR Alumni:

  • Access to your own IR Global Alumni profile including success stories and referral activity, your experience with the network and advice to other joining.
  • Invited to x3 IR Global conferences each year, and stay in touch with our community, your friends and enjoy the luxury and fun of an IR Global event.
  • An introduction will be sent out to the network via our newsletter, and a graphic created and posted to our Social Media followers to show your continued involvement with IRG community.
  • Invited to join the IR Virtual Calls – regional, speed networking and social sessions, to continue building and retaining your existing relationships with your friends across groups such as the East Coast, MENA, LATAM + many more
  • If you are an IR Global 10Club member then we will honour this and you will be invited to stay in the 10Club, with a 10% discount applied to any event tickets and you’re welcome to come along to the 10Club social experiences.
  • Optional – Help develop and mentor the next generation via our Rising Stars programme, supporting those looking to follow in your footsteps and partner, lead and manage their own firm / department.

Getting Involved

A 12-month membership of IR Global Alumni will cost £500.00 per year. For further information please contact Ross – [email protected].