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Soey Ou

Executive Assistant and Marketing Manager, IPO Pang Shenjun



Soey Ou is Executive Assistant and Marketing Manager at IPO Pang Shenjun Law Firm, with responsibility for business development from oversea and domestic also improve client satisfaction and prompt delivery of legal services. Ms. Ou graduated from Zhejiang University in 2015 majored in International Trade, and now I am in the process of obtaining a Master of Business Administration from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.  

Ms. Ou has nearly 10 years of enterprise operation management and marketing experience. She gains rich exhibition experience and well-traveled while on business trips in and out of China, her vast network of a variety of industries, different provinces/cities can help Chinese businesses realize their outbound ambitions as well as the need for foreign companies to do business in China.

Ms. Ou is fluent in Mandarin, English and Cantonese, with the keen that meeting new people, solving problems that helping to contribute to the growth of business make their internal and external breakthrough. As a “Jack of all Trades” and so if you need anything or any information from Shanghai /China.

Representative Experience:

Experienced professional enterprise operation management, developing innovative sales strategies and secretary, in depth of Cross-team collaboration, good at finding key factors in complex situations and strong self-driven. Stay curious and keep learning. Acted as the project manager, decision-making data collection and Executive Assistant, responsible for constructing and publicizing enterprise culture, organize and build financial and tax systems.

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About IPO Pang Shenjun

IPO Pang Shenjun

We help foreign enterprises obtain difficult, hard to get licenses, permits, approvals and government support and prepare them for entry into highly regulated Chinese industries, including pharmaceuticals, gaming, telecom, television, information technology, retailing, energy and weaponry. Usually companies engage our services while still in the strategic planning stage and seek our support to implement company initiatives and achieve company objectives. Because every venture is unique, especially on foreign soil, not just knowing, but knowing how has been the key to the success of the clients we serve. Often the effort involves extensive coaching and a well prepared strategic plan. Other times it may require political lobbying of the Chinese government at the local, provincial, or central level. Regardless the stage of your business development, our expertise in navigating through the Chinese bureaucracy has been the cornerstone of our practice in China. IPO Pang Xingpu. has been in China since the early 1990’s and is known as one of the oldest joint venture law firms. The firm is ranked as one of the top international boutique firms with operations in China and comprises highly experienced partners, possesses highly specialized skills, and masters highly proprietary know-how. The firm functions through a number of partners and specialists that operate together as an international team and provides the personalized service that clients need in order to operate in a highly complex and changing legal environment. As a member of the International Business Law Consortium, the firm further extends its international network to include a team of highly selective, experienced and reputable attorneys who can assist and execute in nearly every country of the world. As each case is personally handled by a shareholder of the firm, we take pride in this method of client service as it enables each partner to take individual responsibility for delivering outstanding quality and value for each assignment.

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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Corporate Law , IP – Patents and IP – Trademark & Copyright in China

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