Exclusive IR Global advisor for Capital Markets in Turkey since 2024

Serra Sadık Hızıroğlu

Managing Partner, Sadik & Capan

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Serra Sadık Hızıroğlu is the managing partner and attorney of Sadık&Çapan. Prior to joining the firm in early 2020, she worked at top-tier banks and reputable law firms in Istanbul for close to two decades. Serra has provided legal advisory to local and international banks, all forms of financial institutions and capital markets institutions and their technology subsidiaries, international funds, and local and multinational companies, start-ups and technology companies on a broad range of issues.

Serra has extensive expertise on investment services and activities, public and private companies, loan and security agreements, securities offerings, custody, settlement, escrow, supply finance and asset management and all kinds of financial technology products and services, including digital banking, payment systems, blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO and to that end she has successfully represented local and international clients in various projects. Additionally, she provides legal support to public and private companies in their mergers and acquisitions transactions and their day-to-day operations and transactions. Serra has significant know-how in foreign currency loans, investments and fund transfers.

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About Sadik & Capan

Sadik & Capan

Sadık & Çapan is an independent and a boutique law firm based in Istanbul, Turkey. With its experienced team, Sadık & Çapan provides legal advisory services to local and foreign corporations and banks, public companies, investment funds, brokerage firms, asset management companies, venture capital companies, individuals and start-ups in the fields of banking and finance, securities and capital markets, corporate, commercial and employment laws.

Our firm is highly qualified and skilled in advising public companies in their daily operations particularly about their regulatory filings, corporate governance activities, reporting and disclosure requirements and various securities offerings including IPOs, cross-border and domestic debt and equity offerings (DCM and ECM deals) involving Reg S/144A issuances, Sukuk transactions and also, highly specialized in different types of loan and security transactions, alternative financing models and financial and regulatory compliance matters affecting client’s business. We regularly advise and support our clients in their investments, strategies, and day- to-day operations.

At Sadık & Çapan, we have an extensive network of tax advisors, certified public accountants, various financial advisors, local and international law firms.

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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Capital Markets in Turkey

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