Exclusive IR Global advisor for Tech-Media-Telecoms in Portugal since 2024

Rui Serapicos

Managing Partner, Acumen Strategy

+351 917 513 108


As an accomplished entrepreneur, Rui Serapicos has cultivated a diverse portfolio of experience spanning international business sectors, including banking, services, technology, and community development. A firm believer in the transformative potential of Web3 and decentralization, Rui is dedicated to leveraging emerging technologies for tangible global impact.

Founding Acumen Research Labs,  Rui assumes the role of Managing Partner, spearheading initiatives aimed at harnessing the power of Web3 for societal advancement Committed to fostering collaboration and innovation, Rui co-founded the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance, further contributing to the expansion and maturation of the Web3 ecosystem.

Throughout Rui’s extensive career in technology, with a focus on renewables, Green ICT certification, and digitalization, they have provided strategic counsel to governmental bodies in Europe and Africa, playing a pivotal role in guiding digital transitions across diverse sectors.

With a passion for driving positive change through technology and a commitment to building sustainable ecosystems, Rui continues to be a driving force in the intersection of business, technology, and social impact.

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About Acumen Strategy

Acumen Strategy

Acumen is dedicated to crafting innovative solutions across diverse sectors. Collaborating closely with our clients, we specialize in generating continuous and sustainable value through bespoke projects tailored to their unique needs. Our approach is rooted in practicality, emphasizing implementation and impact.

Key Projects:

  1. International Biotech Multinational: Engaged to search and enhance the existing ERP system, we offered multiple options including a time-based replacement with leading ERP alternatives like Oracle or SAP. Our comprehensive approach involved solution reengineering, business casing, and continental installations, ensuring a seamless transition.
  2. Multinational Pharmaceutical Company: Partnering with a leading pharmaceutical giant, we conducted a thorough review of various management processes. Integrated into a Gartner team, we used proprietary frameworks to analyze dimensions such as process lifecycle, integration, and governance, delivering actionable insights for improvement.
  3. Healthcare Insurance Leader: Tasked with designing the target application architecture and optimizing the portfolio, we undertook a holistic approach to revise strategic roadmaps and define cloud migration terms. Leveraging proprietary tools like TCO and Tech Radars, we facilitated rationalization, modernization, and clarity in cloud adoption.

Our Approach:

  • Practical Recommendations: We provide actionable advice and focus on implementation strategies.
  • Impact Celebration: We celebrate the tangible impact of our recommendations on our clients’ success.
  • Client Alignment: We fully align ourselves with our client’s objectives and sense of urgency.
  • Risk Sharing: We are open to incentives and risk-sharing models, demonstrating our commitment to shared success.
  • Clarity in Communication: We prioritize clear and concise communication throughout the engagement process.
  • Open-Mindedness: We listen to all viewpoints and challenge assumptions to drive innovation.
  • Direct and Realistic: Our working style is direct, practical, and grounded in real-world solutions.

At Acumen, we are dedicated to delivering results that exceed expectations, driving transformative change for our clients’ organizations.

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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Tech-Media-Telecoms in Portugal

Avenida Luís Bívar 73 2ºDRT , 1050-053, Lisboa, Portugal