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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Insolvency in Belgium since 2017 and committee member for Insolvency group

Philippe Termote

Partner, Agio Legal

+32 3 226 80 80


Philippe started at Lige immediately after his education at the University of Antwerp and the European Law School of Maastricht. He has since made partner at our insolvency firm, which specialises in all matters regarding liquidation. Philippe is very knowledgeable on both aspects of insolvency (continuity of enterprises act and receivership).

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About Agio Legal

Agio Legal

Much more than just lawyers

With five offices in Belgium, Agio Legal is a major Belgian independent law firm, boasting a strong team of lawyers with specialisations in areas including corporate, company, insolvency and tax law, in advice and in litigation Together with its business partners Agio Capital and Agio Finance, Agio Legal forms the Agio ecosystem of 80 professionals. Agio aims to grow further to 100 specialists by 2023

Agio Legal is much more than just a team of specialized lawyers. Entrepreneurs benefit more from a legal partner who is interested in your growth and success. Together we look at your goals and along the way we get to know your business.

We understand your needs and sense of urgency. We love to delve into cases. Our team consists of lawyers who know the law inside out and know exactly which arguments work during a negotiation or in court. The combination of academic knowledge and practical legal mindset ensured successful results.

We listen to your story and speak in understandable language. We provide you with advice that will help you make sustainable decisions for your company. Your business is our business. With our expertise, we create an environment in which clients can exceed their expectations.

Shortly Agio Legal is your management-team-member-with-legal-creativity. A certain must for taking your business to the next level.

Corporate social responsibility

As a company we consider it our responsibility to invest in socially relevant projects. Agio Legal chose to support the VZW Maxima Belgium Foundation.

We love entrepreneurs. Mostly because we see ourselves as an enterprise rather than a law firm. And like any other entrepreneur we don’t just look at profits and revenue. Instead we carefully consider our employees, clients, suppliers, and the environment, as we continually strive for improvement. Read more about it here.

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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Insolvency in Belgium

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    Steven De Schrijver

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