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Janathan Allen

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Janathan Allen is an experienced tax attorney and business lawyer who integrates business, legal, tax and accounting strategies to provide her clients with better answers to their questions and more informed strategies to leverage their opportunities.

Most businesses have separate tax attorneys, business attorneys, CPAs and accountants, tax preparers and financial advisors.  If you take the same problem to each professional, they will provide what they genuinely believe is the right and best answer.  However, it will only be based upon their unique (and somewhat limited) perspective.

The business attorney will have no idea how the solution they are recommending impacts business operations or your accounting systems.  The financial planner has no idea how their recommendation may be impacted by interstate or international tax implications.

This is the genuine value of the integrated approach Janathan Allen and Allen Barron take when they work with you as a client on any challenge or opportunity.

A Montana native, Janathan Allen brings domestic and international tax, accounting, finance knowledge to Allen Barron, Inc. and legal experience to Janathan L Allen, APC. Allen has worked with a diverse group of businesses, advising clients in legal, financial and tax arenas.
Beginning her career in the public accounting arena, she moved into the private sector as tax director for a biotech firm, Hybritech, Inc. She progressed to controller and CFO/Legal Counsel positions for a number of San Diego companies before becoming a partner in Allen Barron, Inc. and founding Janathan L. Allen, APC.

Janathan Allen is a highly sought-after author, speaker, and Continuing Legal Education (CLE) trainer. She has authored scores of business articles which have been picked up across the US and internationally. Jan is a featured author in each issue of “The American” – an international publication for US Expatriates. The firm has created many focused white papers, which provide insight into specific challenges and opportunities.

➢ Domestic & International Tax Law
➢ Business & Commercial Law
➢ Transactional Planning
➢ Corporate & Securities Law
➢ Intellectual Property Law
➢ Trust & Estates

➢ Latin Legum Magister (L.L.M.) Master of Laws University of San Diego School of Law
➢ Juris Doctor (J.D.) Southwestern University School of Law, Los Angeles, Ca.
➢ Masters of Business, Administration International Finance University of San Diego
➢ Bachelor of Science, Accounting University of Montana

➢ Member The State Bar of California
➢ Member American Bar Association
➢ Member San Diego County Bar Association


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About Allen Barron, Inc.

Allen Barron, Inc.

Allen Barron provides integrated high-level business consulting services to provide a competitive advantage to our clients.  The business climate today is fast paced and quickly evolving.  Important business decisions must be taken quickly.  Business owners and executives require integrated information from multiple disciplines to inform complex decision making.  Today more than ever the questions facing executive management are complex and intertwined.

Today’s business life cycle moves quickly and requires detailed information and informed analysis from a broader perspective.  Tax decisions may affect the structure of entities within affiliated companies.  Accounting systems must capture detailed up-to-the-minute data and communicate it to operational decision makers to inform supply channel decisions.  Critical business opportunities such as expanding to a new continent may lie outside of existing manager’s areas of expertise. How will the structure of entity “x” affect the tax liabilities of company “y” and the distribution of products in various parts of the world?

The professionals at Allen Barron provide all these services in a single source.  We can tell you how a decision or issue will affect or impact your business from multiple perspectives: tax advantages or burdens, operations, profitability, corporate structure, accounting and tax reporting, as well as the impact it will have on your supply chain management and employee culture.

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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Business Advisory Services in California

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