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Iván Filartiga

Head of the Litigation Department ALTRA

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  • Paraguay

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  • Banking & Finance
  • Corporate Law
Senador Long N° 463 c/ Moisés Bertoni. Asunción
Asuncion Paraguay

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I am a lawyer graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Asuncion and recently I have completed an LL.M. in International and Comparative Law at The George Washington University Law School.

I believe that the key to our national development relies on both the legal and  commercial integration of Paraguay to the world; therefore, I try to keep myself updated with commercial practices and also the legal instruments used at the most important global forums.

I enjoy researching comparative law and using the resulting information to propose legal solutions for both national and international clients.

I am aware of the duty we have as private actors in the development of our country; the national progress is not an exclusive responsibility of public actors.

I am convinced that the practice of law in our country must be revolutionized; I eagerly asume the challenge – and the need – of innovation when it comes to legal issues. Even more than getting positive results, I enjoy the experience acquired in obtaining them.

I try to take the maximum advantage from social networks. With them, I keep myself informed of both national and international news.

My largest professional satisfaction is based on both the tranquillity of the client and the goals we achieve working as a team; I am certain that the group’s success multiplies the benefits of its members.

Firm Description

At ALTRA we offer world-class full legal services.

Distinguishing features of our legal practice are our strategic thinking, our aim to foster creativity and innovation, and the capacity to build high performance teams who deliver effective solutions.

We strive for a combination of modern legal knowledge along with understanding of the real world necessities of business.

We make things happen. In fact, we perceive law as an art, and therefore consider it as the challenge to create solutions.

We work for the peace-of-mind of our clients, and therefore:

  • We generate trust
  • We simplify what is difficult
  • We add value

We enjoy what we do, and we transmit that internally and externally.