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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Forensic Accounting in United States since 2022

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Mr. Vickery has been involved in special situations requiring expert financial opinions since joining SP&H in 1995. His experience includes expert witness testimony, business valuations, valuation advisory services, support for litigation, economic and financial research, statistical analysis, fairness opinions, forensic financial analysis, lost profits and economic damages analysis, and analysis of reasonable fair market compensation for executives.  Mr. Vickery has extensive experience in financial data analyses; developing cash flows, economic benefit streams, and financial projections; conducting industry and market studies; analyzing financial statements and determining appropriate financial statement adjustments; performing sensitivity analyses; valuing businesses; and providing live expert testimony regarding financial opinions.

For business valuations, Mr. Vickery regularly performs valuation work for estate planning, estate and gift tax reporting, family and business succession/transition planning, intangible assets, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), Section 409a, and fairness opinions.  For dispute matters, Mr. Vickery regularly performs expert witness services for California eminent domain takings, California Corporations Code shareholder/partner dissolution matters, forensic financial analysis, lost profits, unjust enrichment, disgorgement, and economic damages, as well as other unique situations requiring financial expert testimony.

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About Sanli Pastore & Hill

Sanli Pastore & Hill

Sanli Pastore & Hill, Inc. (SP&H) is a specialist Expert Testimony & Litigation Opinions, Forensic Accounting, Finance & Economics, Business, Brand & IP Valuations, Fairness & Solvency Opinions and Transaction Advisory Services firm with offices in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, and Chicago. SP&H’s principals and senior professionals have over 100 years’ combined experience utilizing their intuition and perspective to create confidence in the results. Our partners have been named as expert witnesses in over 1,200 court proceedings and have provided over 3,500 financial opinions and testimony for shareholder disputes, marital dissolution, intellectual property litigation, mergers and acquisitions, fairness & solvency situations and other advisory services. Each year, SP&H works on over 150 matters, which include forensic accounting and litigation support matters, valuations of business brands, patents & intellectual property for businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Forbes 400 members, U.S. government agencies, and foreign governments. The industries we cover include high technology, entertainment and media, medical and life sciences, consumer products, manufacturing, telecommunications, software, energy, defence & service. The firm has unequaled research and analytical capabilities, as well as the dedication, creativity and excellence of its staff, which ensure superior quality products and results.

SP&H’s team is sought-after for special situations requiring expert financial opinions in high-stakes circumstances. We provide expert testimony and opinions in both transactions and disputes. Our financial opinions include valuations for shareholder buy-outs/disputes and company reorganizations; contentious divorces; fairness and solvency opinions; business succession and planning for large estates; litigation support; economic and forensic analysis; damages/lost profits calculations; and special situations requiring company financial analysis.



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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Forensic Accounting in United States

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