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Phoenix United States

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Evan is continuing as a Committee Member for the Corporate Services Group in 2020 and has been an active member of IR Global since joining.

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Evan leads the business development and marketing efforts at Skinner + Company and its sister companies and ensures that new and existing clients receive the professional services they need. Mr. Rogers graduated with his degree in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University and leverages his knowledge and expertise by attending to the firm’s operations and matching clients to our best services making sure nothing is missed.  Evan is fluent in Spanish and has resided in Argentina in addition to the US. 

His days are filled with perfecting initiatives and internal processes that ensure we continually exceed our clients' expectations, target new prospects, and identify new talent to join our team. When not working, Evan can be found with his wife and four children at home. When not with his family, you'll find him outdoors on a trail, either running or mountain biking, training for his next triathlon, or if he's really lucky, in the ocean surfing on his favorite long board.

Evan is also active in his community serving on the Tempe Elementary School Board as a Governing Board Member and as an alumni of Tempe Leadership's Class XXX in Arizona. He also helped start in 2006, and operates a youth outreach foundation called Lucky Sevan where youth learn life and leadership skills in San Diego each summer, through the unique experience of surfing.

Firm Description

Since 1987, Skinner + Company has been committed to its clients' success;  we employ our resources to that end.  As advisors, we believe that success isn't necessarily finishing first. Success is measured by identifying and achieving goals. Our measure of success is to assist our clients in achieving their goals while easing the burden of coping with tax rules and regulations. As advisors we look for ways to turn the complexities of the environment into opportunities. 

We build lasting relationships with our clients.  Skinner + Company advises clients on income and transfer tax and accounting matters. Each of our CPAs has a Masters in Taxation to ensure that our tax advice meets the highest standards and provides the tools clients need to manage their biggest expenditure: taxes. We work with clients investing in the US and help guide them through the complexities of the US federal and local tax systems.  We also work with US clients investing overseas to assist with the myriad US income tax complexities that they face. We work with and assist clients in Germany, Ghana, Italy, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Our firm also has fluent Spanish and German speakers on staff to assist you.

Skinner + Company also believes deeply in service to our communities. These opportunities to give back to the community have only added to Skinner + Company's ability to help clients succeed. As business owners, we understand the importance to you of making prudent, well-informed decisions. We work closely with you to understand your financial situation. Based on that understanding, we present you with alternatives to assist in making successful decisions and be your trusted advisors.