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Andrew Stebbins

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“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.” In today’s digital world, the significance of Warren Buffett’s well-known adage is greater than ever. Five minutes is more than enough time for anyone to write a fake anonymous review, defame a business, and or destroy a person’s reputation. I understand the pain and damage caused by a fake review or defamatory statement posted on the Internet. Your reputation is the most important asset for you or any business, and protecting that reputation is my number one priority.

In my more than decade of experience representing businesses and individuals, I have gained an understanding of the suffering my clients endure from these attacks and focus my career on representing and aiding my clients in restoring and maintaining their reputation online. I know that these problems are your top priority. I work best under pressure and understand that time is of the essence when it comes to your reputation. I act quickly to make sure that online content is removed and that the source of the negative attacks is swiftly resolved.

When it comes to online defamation, there are no cookie cutter solutions, and each problem requires a different response. From the day I started as an attorney, my sole focus has been pursuing new and unique ways for my clients to achieve their goals and grow their business. Because I understand that every situation is unique, I focus on developing individually tailored strategies for each client that provide timely, cost-effective and successful resolution to each case.

I am a successful litigator that has handled every aspect of litigation and trial as a lead attorney in both state and federal courts, representing businesses and individuals in a broad spectrum of litigation matters. I have a proven track record of success in accomplishing my clients’ goals, including winning favorable jury verdicts, six-figure settlements and injunctive relief.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, golfing, and watching sports. I volunteer regularly and I am active in several community organizations in the Greater Cleveland area.

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About Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLC

Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLC


Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs is Northeast Ohio’s business law firm. We’ve served the Akron, Canton and Cleveland areas for over 100 years; therefore, this region has become our home and the businesses in this region have become our family. We don’t just represent you. We support you and stand by you; we understand your business and become an extension of it; we celebrate with you and cheer for you; we go to great lengths for you, and we listen to you. For all of these reasons we are more than a business law firm. We are your partner in business.We have thrived over the years because of this work ethic. Our long history in the region reflects the depth of experience our attorneys possess, not only in the practice of law, but in the industries you live and breathe every day. We know that we have to understand your business in order to protect it, a philosophy established by our founding fathers.The Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs partnership was founded in 1913 between Frank J. Rockwell, a former county prosecutor and future mayor of Akron, and Princeton University Graduate Charles T. Grant. An esteemed labor and employment attorney, Lisle M. Buckingham joined in 1929, and Gillum H. Doolittle, a distinguished trial lawyer, joined in 1934. Finally, Edmund Burroughs, a Harvard Law School graduate and former editor of the Harvard Law Review, joined in 1943.We have continued to add talent and evolve as times change. However, the integrity upon which our firm was built is still reflected in our people and in the services that we provide.Today we are recognized as one of the top business law firms in the region, but we are so much more than that. Find out why Buckingham is the law firm of choice for hundreds of Northeast Ohio businesses.


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Exclusive IR Global advisor for Commercial Litigation in Ohio

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